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Lance is currently a recreational tennis coach (USPTA member) in Camarillo who is dedicated to teaching kids beginning and intermediate tennis in a fun way to learn stroke techniques through a progressive improvement approach. Jaguar Tennis program includes diagnosis and cure in three phases: preparation; execution and follow through. Lessons are dedicated to improve a player's performance by giving special individual training based on their needs. He is presently training his daughter to meet the challenging demands for professional tournaments. He implements the 3 Dimensional approach by using the best combination of various strokes during drills.

"By definition, strategy is the implementation of a combination
of tactics (consistency, spin, placement, patterns, power and
shot selection) that make up an overall game plan to combat
an opponent. In other words, a strategy is “the big picture.”


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Kids Private Lessons

$45 per hour for each lesson up to 2 participants.

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Location: Camarillo, California

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