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Analyzing Two-handed Forehand

The tennis player loads up on the right back leg and then transfers the weight to the advancing front left leg. For extra reach, the tennis player before the swing switches hand positions with the left hand on the bottom of the handle close to the butt with the right hand above the left. For a full-power shot, the butt of the racket is normally positioned further back beyond the angle of the butt pointing directly at the ball. With an approach position with a low ball coming in at a faster speed, the butt of the racket is more or less pointing at the ball. The take-back is lowered for a flat swing plane at a slight angle and then she rotates through the shot with a clean follow-through. The compression is demonstrated by the lowering of the knees with minimal or no hip bending with a straight back. We offer an optional stroke production training specialty for the two-handed forehand. We will be implementing new specialty drills based on the Chrystelle Aguiar's unique hand and grip switching method.

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